(Started in 1984, Bimonthly)
Responsible Institution
Shenzhen University
Shenzhen University
Edited by
Editorial Department of Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering
Science Press
Chief editor
Li Qingquan
Distributed Domestically
Shenzhen Post Office
Distributed Abroad
China International Book Trading Corporation,(P.O.Box 399.Beijing,P.R.China)
16 Donghuangchenggen North Street, Beijing 100717, P.R. China
 The Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering is a general science and technology academic journal, managed and produced by Shenzhen University, and published by Science Press.It was first published in 1984. It is issued on a bimonthly basis (appearing on odd months) as an A4, 112-page magazine, distributed both domestically and overseas.
  The Journal publishes articles and letters covering a wide range of fields, including optoelectronic engineering, electronics & information science, architecture & civil engineering, chemistry & chemical engineering, automation & precision instruments, materials science, mathematics, physics, bioengineering, environmental science & energy, and food safety.
  The Journal is recognized as a core Chinese science and technology journal by the Overview of Core Chinese Periodicals (published by the Peking University Library) and the Statistical Source Journal for Chinese Science and Technology Articles (published by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China [ISTIC]). It is also indexed by many authoritative domestic and international databases, including the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), the Annual Report for Chinese Academic Joural Impact Factors (Natural Science), SCOPUS (based in the Netherlands), and Zentralblatt MATH (based in Germany). The Journal’s 2016 impact factor was 0.807, and the 2016 5-year impact factor was 0.827.
  We warmly welcome high-quality contributions from researchers and scholars from around the world!
Current Issue
Accepted Paper
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Chemistry & Chemical engineering
Yuan Qiuhua, Zhang Ziqiang, Xu Anping, Wu Jianbo, Qin Caoping, Chen Zehui, Lin Songxin, and Zhang Peixin
Sun Jinxia1, Li Li1, Wang Rui2, and Huang Zhong1
Architecture & Civil Engineering
Li Hui1, Jia Hongjing2, Cheng Xuelei3, Gui Chao4, Pan Linna2, and Zhang Ruimin1
Physics & Applied Physics
Miao Chunqiong1, Lan Huabin2, Fan Ping2,3, Liang Guangxing2,3, and Lan Chunfeng2,3
Optoelectronics Engineering
Gu Li1,2, Li Xiang3, Zong Fangke1,2, Zhou Junlan1, Yang Qinlao1, and Guo Baoping1
Transportation Logistics