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Winning First Outstanding Journal Over Copyright and Ethics (2015)
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Winning First “Outstanding Journal Over Copyright and Ethics” Award for Chinese University Science and Technology Journals

       The editorial board of the Shenzhen University Science and Engineering Journal was honoured with the award of “Outstanding Journal over Copyright and Ethics for 2015”, the first of its kind for Chinese University Science and Technology Journals. It was reported that a huge number of university journals across China ran for the award and, after a strict assessing and selection process by the organizing committee of the Society of China University Journals, five journals won the Outstanding” award and seven the “Exemplary” award. The winning of the award means recognition of the efforts made by the editorial board in enhancing the awareness in its editors of copyright and ethics issues, the standardization of the system and procedure of editing and publishing, the prevention of academic misconduct and the professional training of the staff’s editing skills. In addition, the winning of the award should also be regarded as the result of support from the senior management of the university as well as support from colleagues and friends.